Rural and Red.  Godly, servant leaders.  Support and defend the constitution.  It's time to take back our country!  Will you help?

We recently witnessed the most fraudulent election in our history.  We are now witness to the continuing destruction of our republic and our way of life.  With the franchise now proven to be a mirage, what hope, other than the rapture, do we have?  This is our hope.  If God is for us, who can be against us?  God, until that great day when He calls us up, will continue to raise up for us shepherds who will man the wall, as well as take the field, to both preserve what yet remains and to retake  what has been usurped of our freedoms.

Our hope is this.  That God will so move the hearts of His people that, despite the fraud, the sheer mass of those sick and tired of this evil, corrupt system will overwhelm the fraud.

Folks, it is way past time for true God and country loving conservatives to take a stand against politics as usual.  The McConnels and McCains and Mitts of the Republican party have shown their true colors.  The Cheney’s and Ryans and Grahams are no better.  The old guard Republican party is part of the swamp.  It’s way past time to drain the swamp or drown trying.

God can retake this country.  Only God can.  Look for those who are trying to make a difference being pilloried by both parties.  That’s who we want.  If both parties are shooting at them, they must be over the target.

Everyone should watch "2000 Mules."  This is the hard evidence that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.  We must fix our electoral process or we truly are a criminal cartel masquerading as a constitutional republic.

Fellow believers, God is not done with us yet.  He will fight for us.  He will go before us.  We just need to trust and obey.  Are you ready to help preserve our precious freedoms?  Are you ready to say, “Thus always to tyrants?”  Are you ready to send an unmistakable signal to the swamp that we will not go quietly into the night, but rather look with hope for a bright future of freedom?

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Support Congressman Bob Good in November to keep a true conservative in office.