Rural and Red.  Godly, servant leaders.  Support and defend the constitution.  Support our president!  It's time to take back our country!  Will you help?


A godly servant leader.  A true believer in the Constitution.  A native Virginian.  An educator.  A fighter for the life of the unborn.  A defender of our 2nd Amendment rights.  A true conservative we can trust.

Folks, its time to take a stand against the party of death.  Senator Warner voted against a simple, straightforward bill calling for the proper care of abortion survivors.

It's time to stand up against those who stood by as a soft coup was attempted against a sitting president.  Senator Warner stated it was quite possible our president was a Russian agent.  What an idiot.

Folks, Alissa is the real deal.  A real daughter of Virginia.  A real believer and defender of our Constitution.  A real godly servant leader.  Please help elect Alissa Baldwin to the US Senate and send Mark Warner packing.