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  1. We need a congress and a senate which will support our president. This fall election is critical. Let’s look at what has happened since the election. Our unemployment rate is the lowest in decades. Our minority unemployment rate is the lowest since it has been recorded. Our GDP is growing at the fastest rate in years. Our taxes are lower. Our military is stronger. We have the possibility of peace on the Korean peninsula. Our immigration laws are being enforced. Government regulations are being rolled back. Companies are returning to America. Unfair trade relationships are being restructured in America’s favor. ISIS has been defeated in the Middle East. This is a record of achievement, in a very short time, which is unparalleled, yet the Democrats want to impeach President Trump. If they win this November, America loses. We need to elect people who will support this president.

  2. Alissa Baldwin is running to unseat Senator Mark Warner. She is a true citizen patriot, godly servant leader, Christian conservative. A teacher by profession, she has decided to practice what she teaches, civics, government, and our foundational constitutional principles. Check her out. You will like what you see.

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