Robert F Kennedy Jr goes to New Hampshire

Robert F Kennedy Jr. considers presidential bid

Kennedy polling ahead of Williamson

Kennedy Announcement Speech

Kennedy Polling At 19%

Kennedy polling at 21% and rising

  • 37% approve of job Biden is doing, lowest in his presidency
  • Approval among independents slides, tying term low of 31%

ABC illegally censors a presidential candidate
Not Retribution But Justice

Kennedy with Michael Smerconish of CNN

America Needs a Revolution

Jackman Radio Episode 150

Kennedy w/ Col Douglas MacGregor – A Must Listen

Sean Hannity deigns to interview RFK Jr

RFK Jr on the national debt and entitlements

Russel Brand on RFK Jr presidential bid

Mike Adam’s interview with RFK Jr

Megyn Kelly Interview

National Review 16 May

Fox News 16 May

Breaking Points

Bitcoin Speech

RFKJ with Dave Smith

RFKJ on Power and Politics

Dr. Drew and Kelly Victory Interview

“I can beat Trump.”

“I am an American before I am a Democrat”

Our next president exposes the corruption of empire

Quest for Peace

RFKJ Memorial Day Speech

RFKJ with WSJ podcast. A must listen. Brilliant. Reasoned. Thoughtful.

Kennedy with Cavuto

New Hampshire Senate Speech

Scale Global Interview

American Agenda Interview

Reclaiming America Twitter Spaces

Dr. Jordan Peterson Podcast (First link banned by YouTube. Click “Podcast”)

Smerconish Interview II

Cavuto Interview

Jeffrey Sachs – Kennedy: China

Greenwald with Kennedy

The Faulkner Focus

RFK Jr with Joe Rogan

The Five

RFK Jr on Rising

St Anselm Historic Speech

Tucker Carlson – Bobby Kennedy Is Winning

Artful, Passionate, and Eminently Qualified

New Hampshire Freedom Fest

Bill Maher Interview

Al Guart with Robert F Kennedy Jr

Tony Lyons on RFK Jr

Elizabeth Vargus Town Hall

Bring It Home

Sky News Interview

RFK Jr with Cheryl and Russell Brand

Kennedy with Lex Friedman

Bari Wiess Interview

Napolitano Interview

Jesse Waters Interview

Frank Morano Interview

Piers Morgan Interview

Kennedy leads nation in polls

Kucinich on Fundraising

Fox News July 14

Rabbi Shmuley Interview

Kennedy’s Opening Statement Before Congress

Rising Interview Post Testimony

Math Hoffa Interview

Maria Bartiromo Interview

Ron Paul on Harvard Harris Poll

James O’Keefe Interview

Jimmy Dore Interview Clip

Restoring Democracy

Mark Hyman Interview

Midnight at the Border

The Weaponization of the FBI

America is being Strip-mined of it Wealth

RFK Jr In Iowa

We must fight for the 67%

Tucker Interviews RFK Jr

Interview on Abortion Ban Issue

The Fourth Turning of Hope
A fourth turning is when the status quo breaks down because it has failed to meet its constituents needs. It is typically a time when anyone who has experienced such an event and has the ex…
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Old But Pertinent Interview On Vaccine Safety

The American Conservative article

A Must See Video

Kennedy Surges To 24% In SC

RFK Jr In South Carolina

Kennedy’s Conversation With Farmers

Kennedy with Cavuto

Kennedy with Huckabee

Why We Need Robert F Kennedy Jr Now

The End of the Fairness Doctrine

Operation Mockingbird Is Alive and Well

An Argument for the Relevance of RFK Jr

RFKJ Blasts DNC’s Rigged Process Suggests Alternative If DNC Does Not Allow A Democratic Process

Wall Street Journal Executive Power Survey

Kennedy on CSPAN

Carghill, Dupont and Monsanto buying up Ukraine farmland

Kennedy on Fox. The war in the Middle East.

Kennedy on Newsmax. Give Red Lines to Iran.

Kennedy’s October 9 Speech ………………………………………………. ………… ……………………..

Kennedy Speaks in Asheville, NC

Robert F Kennedy with Jack Carr Post Independent Declaration

In 3-Way Race, Independent Robert Kennedy Jr. Garners 24% Across 6 Battleground States; Trump 35%, Biden 33%, Kennedy 24%; RFK Noses Ahead Among Voters Under 45

Robert F Kennedy Jr stands his ground with Amna Nawaz of PBS

PBD Town Hall with Robert F Kennedy Jr. Gaza statement at end.

The Real RFK Jr