Our Candidates

Virginia Freedom Caucus Voter Guide

Bob Good

  • Mr. Riggleman, with the help of Rural and Red PAC, won the Virginia 5th district congressional seat.  Let's say this - he was better than the alternative.  We supported Bob Good to replace him and now have a true conservative to represent the 5th district.

Frank Ruff

Frank successfully defended his seat for the 15th Virginia Senate district. He won his primary, with Rural and Red’s help, by approximately 80% of the vote. He has been ably succeeded by Mrs Tammy Mulchi.


Robert F Kennedy Jr. is our candidate for President of the United States. He is the only candidate who is running on healing the divide in our country. He is the only candidate talking about the epidemic of chronic disease in our nation. He is the only candidate with a track record of ending the corporate capture of our government. He is the only candidate seeking to end forever wars. He is the only candidate who has a real plan to set us on a sound fiscal and monetary policy.