Our Candidates


Bob Good

  • Mr. Riggleman, with the help of Rural and Red PAC, won the Virginia 5th district congressional seat.  Let’s say this – he was better than the alternative.  We supported Bob Good to replace him and now have a true conservative to represent the 5th district.

Frank Ruff

Frank successfully defended his seat for the 15th Virginia Senate district.  He won his primary, with Rural and Red’s help, by approximately 80% of the vote.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Mr. Kennedy has formally announced his candidacy. His speech, nearly two hours long without notes, reiterated all of our reasons for supporting him and added more. Join us in supporting Mr. Kennedy, a man uniquely raised up by God to literally save this nation under God. Our nation has called his family, once again, to service understanding the great sacrifices his family has already made. The most important part of his platform will be restoring our constitutional republic from corporate crony capitalism and healing the divisions in our great nation. Join us in supporting RFK Jr for president in 2024.