Robert F. Kennedy for president

Could it be that we may have a sane candidate who can actually heal our political divides? Robert F. Kennedy recently hinted at a presidential bid. He understands, more than any, the overreach of our national security state. He also comes from a long family history of progressive activism. Above all, he is committed to our constitutional republic. Can we actually hope that a candidate of the people will actually emerge to lead us out of our national angst? Mr. Kennedy has announced his willingness, at great personal sacrifice, more than any other, to do so.

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  1. A Link to Our Better Selves

    There was a time when America had leaders who sought to unite us. For those who grew up in the 1960’s, the forces of division were immense: the war in Vietnam, the civil rights movement, the assassinations of our president, his brother, and Martin Luther King, the brutal killing of protestors at Kent State, the Cuban missile crisis. These were tumultuous times, and it was into these times that John and Bobby and Martin were placed to encourage us all to seek our better selves.

    Although silenced, they succeeded. The civil rights movement led to substantial change in us treating our brothers and sisters as equals under the law. The anti war movement eventually led to the ending of the Vietnam war. An independent executive with ideas contrary to many of his military advisors prevented a nuclear exchange over the Cuban missile crisis as well as planned false flag events on US soil staged to justify a US invasion of Cuba.

    That was then. Now we are as divided as a nation as never before. The threats to our nation are very different, but nonetheless substantial. We are in a proxy war with one of the largest nuclear powers, Russia, seemingly intent to pursue policies which unambiguously cross their stated red lines. With a weak executive and diminished military due to executive policies, we are simultaneously inviting a war with the other greatest nuclear power, China. Domestically, our politics has slouched towards a preference for the alchemies of demagoguery, intentionally seeking, insinuating and amplifying the most heinous of intentions. Gone are the days of honest discourse. The media has been usurped, Smith Mundt’s repeal being evident, our population subject to perpetual propaganda. Corporate crony capitalism has subsumed our government, the electorate questioning the very basis of our system; free, fair and honest elections.

    Into this milieu enters one who seeks to give us hope that these divisions can be overcome. We can unite again and overcome the monolithic monstrosity which is a corporate crony capitalistic system which has overtaken our constitutional republic. We can seek our better selves. We can find common cause in our humanity and the aspirations, goals, and rights which flow from this commonality. We can unite to achieve the only imaginable. This is the goal of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He seeks to unite us as a nation, left and right, black and white, poor and affluent, educated and uneducated, urban and rural, left and right. How? By getting us to seek our better selves.

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